Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maine Mat/Rug Challenge Underway!

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Calling all Maine hookers! 

We are working on organizing a mat, or rug, challenge.

 Here are the parameters:

 The design theme is "Peace." We felt that in today's world it would be nice to do a peace-themed challenge.

 Pieces should not exceed 20" in either dimension, so they could be 20" x 20" square, or any shape that does not exceed 20" on any side or center (in the case of rounds or ovals). The reason we are imposing a size limit is to a) keep the projects manageable for hookers of all experience levels and b) keep the pieces easily portable/shippable because...

I am in the midst of searching out a nice venue in which the finished pieces can be displayed as a mounted show. 

Tentative deadline for completion of the pieces is May 1st, 2013, however, there may be more time if the chosen venue is not available until in to the summer or fall. 

This challenge is limited to hookers who live in Maine, however, if this is successful we may do a broader challenge next year.  Don't hook but think this sounds like fun?  There is plenty of time to learn - contact us for lessons!

 More details to follow - please contact us at  if you are interested, and we are also still open to venue ideas.   Thanks!


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  2. The rug challenge has been extended, so if anyone is interested in participating in it, please know that you have plenty of time. We are considering waiting until next year as we have better display venue options if we take our time. :)